High demand for home heating, Vermont fuel dealers working overtime

Pittsford, Vt. - The Vermont Fuel Dealers Association said oil delivery companies are busier than they have been in decades.

Executive Director Matt Cota noted it has seen the longest string of subzero temperatures since the early 1980s.

"Especially coming off of the last couple winters this has not been a normal winter. This has been a winter where demands has been the highest we've seen in many decades," Cota said.

Cota said the heating fuel supply is there, however, logistic have those on the ground working overtime like those at Gecha Fuels in Pittsford, Vermont.

 "Haven't had a day off since Christmas," Brian Gecha said.

Brian and his brother Mike are known around town as the 'Gecha Boys'. Their slogan: "Local boys working hard to keep you warm" and they are doing just that.

"Customers were going through oil at a very rapid rate," Mike said. "Especially with it being so cold."

Customers like Michael Todd Blanchard who said he's gotten an extra tank this year compared to previous winters. Plus, he pointed out it's only January.

"It's been a crazy winter," Blanchard said. "Almost through my firewood already and the fuel is just going."

An emergency declaration in the state allowing fuel truck drivers to work overtime has kept the brothers and their crew busy. The declaration has been extended until January 20, 2018.

"Our normal business hours are 7 to 4... 7 to 5 in the winter which just went out the window this year," Brian said.

The Gecha brothers have been working later than midnight for weeks straight. Surprisingly they said it's okay. They've gotten used to it.

"It's hard to go home at night thinking that there's someone you may have forgot or someone that doesn't have oil for their house," Mike said.

Which the brother said makes it all worth it. 

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