Isolated Flooding Closes Roads

By Kristen Tripodi

Published 01/12 2014 06:34PM

Updated 01/12 2014 08:30PM

ESSEX, Vt.- Rain and warm temperatures led to ice jams, flooding, and road closures in our region.
While many of the areas are known problem areas people say it's a little unusual to see flooding this early in the year.

Underneath all this water on Route 128 in Essex, Vermont - is a field.
“Look at the size of that one chunk that's just floating around out there. It’s spinning around and around,” said David Cota, who lives on Route 128.
The pond formed over the last 24 hours thanks to the combination of warm weather, melting snow, and rain. And for Cota this is a common scene.
“This happens probably every year, sometimes maybe once a year and other times like last year probably four times,” said Cota.
But Cota says what makes this flooding different is the timing.
“Here it is January - this is really weird,” said Cota.
With nowhere else to go, the water traveled through the field and up and over the road. Crews say this is a problem area, but it usually doesn't flood this early.
“Crazy, crazy weather,” joked Penny Barber, a Maintenance Tech with VTrans.
Barber says she was called this area on Route 128 around 4 A.M Sunday morning.
“From here down to the next culvert was completely water running right across the road and ice chunks anywhere from four to ten inches thick lying in the road,” said Barber.
Crews cleared that ice, pushing it to the side of the road allowing the water to move through.
In a few hours one lane of traffic was back open.
But this wasn't the only road closed because of flooding.
Just a few miles away just off Route 117 ducks enjoyed a newly formed 'river' as North Williston Road was under water.
And Route 2 in Jonesville was also closed as water spread across the width of the pavement -from guard rail to guard rail.
With standing water crews say there's nothing to do but wait and let Mother Nature run its course.
“The way it’s going- it’s going to be a pretty good size swimming hole out there,” joked Cota.

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