Lake Champlain Above Flood Stage

By Christine Souders |

Published 04/17 2014 06:50PM

Updated 04/17 2014 07:09PM

SOUTH HERO, VT- Lake Champlain is above flood stage.

It's forecasted to keep rising over the next several days.

Lake Champlain rose 100 feet above sea level Wednesday, it's not as high as a few years back in 2011 when Vermont experienced historic flooding, but people are anxiously waiting to see how this spring will pan out.

"This block is typically a seat for sitting around a campfire in the summertime," said Bill Banas, who lives on Sunrise Drive in South Hero.

This is his second time experiencing spring flooding along Lake Champlain, "The water right now is a good 20 feet from where it typically is."

Banas is keeping a close eye on the water inching towards his home, "Got a sump pump in the basement that runs almost constantly now, trying to keep up putting the water out, so far we're in pretty good shape."

But for Banas' neighbors, it's a different story.

The few houses down, already have flood waters sweeping over their backyards.

Since South Hero is home to many seasonal residences, neighbors are helping each other out.

Banas gave his next-door neighbor a friendly phone call, "We let them know that right next door the water was up to their shed, and the houses further down, up to the foundation."

Along the King Street Dock in Burlington, water has breached the banks, overflowing onto the bike path, and into parking lots.

"I hadn't realized how quickly the lake had flooded, so when we were sitting here and looked over, we still didn't realize how deep the water was over by breakwaters until a truck drove through that was lifted, and the water was up to the doors," said Nanci Bevilacqua, who lives nearby the King Street Dock.

While he took in the view at the dock, Anand Sharme said, "I don't expect it to be that high, like 3 years ago."

As you may remember, between April and May 2011, the flooding caused widespread damage along the lake.

Anand Sharme said,  "It was all completely flooded. People were canoeing, they were doing all sorts of crazy stuff."

Nanci Bevilacqua said,


And while those living along the lake said they like being close to the water, they just hope the water doesn't come too close to them.

"Expecting the water to come up a little bit more, hopefully not up to the house," said Banas.

We want to remind people to be careful in flooded areas, and not to drive through flooded roads.

You can of course track the current lake level and forecast.

was amazing the water was actually up to the railroad tracks here."

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