LCI Father's Day Derby celebrates 32nd year


Even as the rain and wind swept in you could still find people fishing, hoping to 'reel' in a winner.

"If you're signed up for the derby you're fishing even if the weather is lousy," said Don Tobi, a weigh station captain for the derby.

And there were people fishing despite the rain.

"We're not really having much luck. We can't really go out in the boat because of the waves," said Nicole Fersing.

Fersing and her family fish the Lake Champlain International Father's Day Derby every year.

"I think there have been a lot of people. It's been hard to find a spot with open space to fish," said Fersing.

This year is the 32 annual derby.

"It's a good year. Better than last year and the year before. So we are up over 6,000 entrants," said Tobi.

And those entrants come from all over to fish in the tournament.

"We at the derby promote fishing for the whole family and having it on father's day weekend is perfect for that," said Tobi.

And those families are a great catch for local businesses.

"It also brings a lot of business to the local community.  There's a lot of involvement and money coming into the state so it's valuable in many respects," said Tobi.

Even without much to brag about, Fersing and her family still enjoy the derby.

"We get to be together and spend the weekend together. And get up early and fish until we fall asleep in the boat. And have all the memories we've had all the years," said Fersing

The derby officially ends Monday at 4:00 PM and the final standings will be posted by the end of the day on Tuesday. Followed by an award ceremony on Friday.

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