Learn to Fix your Bike

By Alaina Pinto | apinto@nexstar.tv

Published 08/11 2014 04:52AM

Updated 08/11 2014 01:03PM

BURLINGTON, Vt.-Knowing the basics of bike repair can come in handy when you’re far from a repair shop but taking a class can sometimes be intimidating. Now, there is a women’s only bike repair class to put the brakes on any hesitations you might have.

 The Old Spokes Home and Bike Recycle in Burlington have teamed up to make a women’s only bike repair class called Bike Care 101. This class is intended to make sure women feel comfortable and confident learning tips to repair their bikes.

 "Bike Care 101 series, we just aim to empower women to know what's going on with their bike to make it so they don’t have to go to the bike shop as much. But to be able to go into a bike shop and say, 'Oh my brake's rubbing,' or ' Oh I flatted,’ whatever it is, articulate whatever it is that’s wrong with our bike," said Christine Hill.

Hill, the Youth Program Manager of Bike Recycle came together with Veronica Wheeler, Old Spokes Home’s apprentice mechanic and decided a class like this was necessary for women cyclists’ safety. Repair shops are normally male dominated so their vision is that a class like this will give women a chance to learn the basics of repaid in a comfortable environment.

The class lasts three days and you will learn the bike anatomy, how to fix flats, brakes and gears. The next set of classes is August 18, 25 and 27 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at Bike Recycle. If you can’t make this set of classes there will be more offered until winter.

"It addresses those emergency fixes, something’s broke, my shifting isn't right and I don't know why. And it removes, sometimes, the frustration that comes with riding and also removes the intimidation with coming into a bike shop and being able to speak on par by saying, 'Actually my brakes aren't working,' rather than, ‘Something’s rubbing," said Wheeler.

The class ranges in cost depending on your income and is considered a donation to the nonprofit, Bike Recycle. Contact Veronica Wheeler, veronica@oldspokeshome.com, to sign up.

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