Libertarian Gary Johnson Campaigns in Vermont

By Rachel Aragon |

Published 08/24 2016 08:57PM

Updated 08/24 2016 08:57PM

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson held a rally in Burlington Wednesday Evening.
The former New Mexico Governor is pitching himself as the alternative candidate to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It's crunch time for him the Libertarian who is looking to  boost his name recognition in the coming weeks.

His goal is to meet the 15 percent threshold to qualify for the presidential debates. 
As of Wednesday, Real Clear Politics polling average has him around 9 percent. 
The former governor says he wants to rein in wasteful spending and is in favor of legalizing marijuana. 
Why run as a third party candidate? Well, he says a he a majority of Americans are not being represented by the two major parties. 
Johnson draws a clear line between him and Republican nominee Donald Trump. He says immigration reform does not start with building a wall, it's about creating a pathway to legal citizenship.
"We should make it as easy possible for somebody who wants to come to this country. You have to be able to get a work visa, and a work visa should entail a background check and social security card so that taxes get paid," says Johnson. 
Johnson says he's optimistic he'll make it to the presidential debate stage in September. He is set to campaign in Concord New Hampshire on Thursday. 

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