Local Brewery Fully Powered By Solar, First in Vermont

Rock Art Brewery Goes 100% Solar

Morrisville, VT - Rock Art Brewery in Morrisville is the first brewery in the state to run 100% on solar power.

"I am excited to finally be at the point where we are able to set up our brewery to run on 100% solar for our electrical needs," explains owner Matt Nadeau.

Rock Art Brewery started out of the home of Matt and Rene Nadeau twenty years ago. Now, another achievement at their business, running fully on solar power.

"All of the computers, the electrical, the air-conditioning, everything here, all the pumps. Breweries use so much energy that it's so exciting that we are able to do that with a source of energy from the sun," said Nadeau.

Collaborating with sun-common, the Nadeau's installed two hundred panels on the roof of their business. That will generate more than 70-thousand kilo-watts of clean energy a year.

"We are able to convert that into three phase power. We got 200 amps service, 230 volt system. This is from the sun," said Nadeau.

Next time you have a drink responsibly from Rock Art, it will also be sustainably.

"This is a nice classic IPA, six percent. We have a nice honey gold body to it beautiful tropical fruit flavor to it, with some berries in there," Nadeau said talk about Sun-Rocked.

The hope is more businesses will follow in the footsteps of the Nadeau's says Mike McCarthy with SunCommon.

"Our mission is to tear down the barriers to renewable energy and use business as a force for good. We realize to make a significant impact on our environment we need Vermont business owners to go solar," said McCarthy.



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