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A Kidney for Kayde

By Lauren Maloney | lmaloney@mychamplainvalley.com

Published 11/24 2015 10:55PM

Updated 11/24 2015 10:55PM

It's a sight any mother would cherish, her kids, reading a book.         

But it's something Tonyiel Begnoche, wouldn't know was possible about two years ago.

"The technician looked at me and said, I need to go get the doctor,” Begnoche said.

At 23 weeks pregnant, she learned her baby had a kidney problem called posterior urethral valves.

It was serious.

"My sister and my step-mom didn't even want to plan a baby shower, because they didn't want me to get too emotional if he didn't come home,” Begnoche said.

Little Kayde was born two years ago, this month.

His parents were told he would eventually need a kidney transplant.

"I don't think anyone can prepare you for those emotions,” Begnoche said.

Kayde spent 11 weeks in the NICU.

Pictures revealed just how sick, he looked and felt.

"When people would ask me how are you handling this, I just would say every day is a gift and I can't take any moment for granted,” Begnoche said.

Tonyiel and her fiancée would start making monthly trips to Boston Children's Hospital in May of 20-14.

There came a time doctors had few answers for these desperate parents.

"They said he doesn't have much time, he's going to be on dialysis by the end of this month,” Begnoche said.

They would need to find a living donor.

"It was weird because you have these people that are contacting you that want to do it, but do they really know?” she said.

Tonyiel exhausted family and friends and put out a call on Facebook.

“That's when Ann messaged me and said she heard the story, what could she do, I didn't know who she was,” Tonyiel said.

A simple post on social media would bring these two together.

The 42-year old mother of two, says she couldn't sit back, and wait for someone else to step up.

So Ann Delaney volunteered and would soon begin a barrage of bloodwork and urine tests.

"I'm nervous, I'm scared of needles," Delaney said.

Doctors even had their doubts.

"Well ya know, these friends and family stick to it but people you don’t know usually back out - and that's when I kind of said you don’t know me - because I don't go into something to back out,” Delaney said.

“Who's going to do this for a child, for anybody to sort of put yourself behind to save somebody - and not once did she ever have, she never hesitated,” Begnoche said.

The transplant happened August 6th.

"After surgery, I remember coming to and I kept saying Kayde, Kayde, Kayde,” Delaney said.

It was a success.

"When I got the news that the kidney was already functioning in the doctor's hand - they were hooking it up and it was producing urine, I just started balling,” Delaney said.

Sure, he's got the scars to show for it and a feeding tube for the short term, but this little boy, his mom once described as tired and gray, became healthy enough to attend baseball games, while in Boston.

"It's like it wasn't just a kidney - it's his whole life - he has flourished into the little boy I keep saying was this the boy he's supposed to be,” Begnoche said.

"If you can help somebody you help them, and I think the main thing was saving a life," Delaney said.

Now these two moms are forever linked.

"How to you thank somebody that saved your son, that saved your child,” Begnoche said.

Ann tells me the answer to that question will give her the most joy, being part of a new family.

"I get to watch Kayde grow - the parents get to watch him grow, he gets to live,” Delaney said.



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