Local Lawmakers React to Comey Hearing

Local Lawmakers are reacting to Former FBI Director James Comey's hearing in the Senate Intelligence Committee. In his testimony, Comey discussed the Hilary Clinton email probe, the FBI's Russia investigation and his private conversations with President Donald Trump.

New Hampshire

Senator Jeanne Shaheen issued the following statement:
“I found former FBI Director Comey’s testimony regarding President Trump's actions and behavior very troubling. Among my many concerns is the disturbing claim that President Trump did not express any interest or urgency into getting the facts on Russia’s interference in our elections.

I’m very relieved that we now have an independent special counsel, in addition to probes in the House and the Senate, investigating these matters. We owe it to the American people to get to the bottom of this.”

Senator Maggie Hassan released a statement saying:
“Former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony underscored how significant Russian interference in our 2016 election was, as well as the urgent need to get to the bottom of any potential connections to President Trump’s associates and to prevent future attacks against our democracy.

I am particularly concerned by Comey’s testimony that President Trump demanded the FBI Director’s loyalty and attempted to influence an ongoing FBI investigation. It is critical that both the Senate Intelligence Committee and special counsel Bob Mueller follow the facts wherever they may lead, and I will do everything in my power to ensure that we get the truth for the American people.”

New York

Senator Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, is challenging Trump to release the recordings of his discussions with Comey.  He spoke on the house floor Thursday:
"Now, after hearing Mr. Comey's testimony today, America is stunned. The cloud hanging over this administration has just gotten a whole lot darker.

There is now no doubt that Mr. Comey understood the president's request that he let go of the investigation into General Flynn in a meeting, during which it was discussed whether Mr. Comey would keep his job as FBI director, as a direct effort to prevent that investigation from going further that looks a lot like a quid pro quo.

The president threatened Mr. Comey with the release of tapes of their conversation, presumably, that includes the conversation when President Trump asked Director Comey to 'let go' of the Flynn investigation. It's awfully curious that no one from the president's team will either confirm or deny the existence of the tapes, when the tapes are the only way to prove that Mr. Comey's testimony, which came under oath, are false or misleading. President Trump, if you disagree with anything the director said today, play the tapes for all of America to hear. Or, admit that there were no tapes."


Senator Patrick Leahy, who is the Vice Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and a leading member of the Judiciary Committee, made the following statement about Attorney General Jeff Sessions' upcoming testimony in response to the Comey hearing.

“I have sought for months to clarify Attorney General Sessions’ contacts with Russian officials following his false testimony in response to questions from me and from Senator Franken. We wrote to the FBI requesting that they investigate such matters. I am also deeply concerned about the Attorney General’s role in firing Director Comey in light of his recusal from the Russia investigation. I led Democratic Judiciary Committee members in a letter asking the Inspector General to investigate.

Former Director Comey testified today that he expected the Attorney General to recuse himself from the Russia investigation, weeks before the Attorney General made that decision himself, because of matters that could not be discussed publicly. This raises even more questions about the Attorney General’s actions.

After he abruptly postponed his appearance before an Appropriations subcommittee last month, Attorney General Sessions is now scheduled to appear next Tuesday. As Vice Chairman of the Appropriations Committee, I have many important questions for him to answer.”

Senator Bernie Sanders also issued a statement, saying:
"What we learned today was deeply troubling and makes me more concerned than ever about President Trump’s attempts to derail an investigation of Russian meddling in our democracy.

Remarkably, Mr. Comey said President Trump is a liar. He said his concern that Trump would lie about their meetings was why he detailed their encounters in writing. He also accused the president of spreading ‘lies, plain and simple’ about the FBI that ‘defamed’ Comey and the agency.

The White House said Trump ‘is not a liar.’

Unfortunately, most people would agree with Mr. Comey. On issue after issue after issue, Trump has blatantly lied. Dangerously, this diminishes the office of the president and our standing in the world."



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