Make-a-Wish Girl Fights Back against Leukemia

By Alex Rose |

Published 11/26 2015 08:06PM

Updated 11/26 2015 08:06PM

We first introduced you to Merin Blake last year. At four years old, she was diagnosed with childhood leukemia.

It was hard for Merin's parents after she was diagnosed, but a trip from Make-a-Wish to Walt Disney World to meet her heroes, Anna and Elsa from the movie "Frozen," turned it all around.

Her parents say it made the difference, after nine months of intensive treatment.

"It was a light at the end of the tunnel, it was something to look forward to," said father Adam Blake.

Merin, now five, is in kindergarten. Her schedule is full of soccer, dancing, swimming, and her favorite.

"I like practicing the up and down monkey bars!" she said.

"Merin kind of looks like a five-year-old girl right now, she's got her hair back," mother Mia Hockett said. "But she's been through a lot."

Every three months Merin goes in for a major checkup with IV infusions, a lumbar puncture and five days of steroids. She'll be done with treatment in July.

But until then, she's energetic as ever, and still singing.


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