Maple Festival Boosts Business in St. Albans

By Kristen Tripodi

Published 04/26 2014 03:54PM

Updated 04/26 2014 08:53PM

ST. ALBANS, Vt.- Thousands of people pack the streets in downtown St. Albans for the Maple Festival. And while the 'sweet stuff' attracts the crowds area businesses benefit too.

It’s all hands on deck at Cosmic Bakery and Cafe.

“It’s been really busy in the morning. A lot of people getting breakfast before going to the Maple Fest,” said Connor McKenna, Cosmic’s Bakery Manager.

McKenna says with the Maple Festival in town they have extra staff on hand to handle the crowds. And with a prime spot on Main Street in St. Albans, the bakery benefits from foot traffic.

“Its’ a good thing for businesses in St. Albans. People get to see things first hand that they wouldn't see normally because they are walking around. You know just checking things out,” said McKenna.

The 48th annual Maple Festival kicked off Friday; boasting 'something for everyone'. And the events attract thousands of people to downtown St. Albans.

“They stick around they get lunch, they get dinner. They are here spending some money and really it’s a great opportunity for everybody here,” said Matt Gordon, Executive Director of the VT Maple Sugar Maker’s Association

It's a great opportunity for sugarers as well. The festival is a chance to turn a profit by showcasing and selling their products to the public.

“They know maple syrup is made in Vermont, but they don't know some of the other avenues on which maple syrup can go into, whether its other food products like salad dressings or barbeque sauces or all the other things you can cook with maple syrup as well. That’s one of the things we are always pushing is that maple syrup is something for more than just your pancakes, it has so many uses in the kitchen,” said Gordon.

As people visit each of the different events business in downtown is booming.

“It is a weekend we look forward too,” said McKenna.

The Maple Festival continues Sunday with the Sap Run in the morning and the parade at 1 P.M.

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