Merger Approved for Johnson & Lyndon State Colleges

Published 09/29 2016 12:15PM

Updated 09/29 2016 12:16PM

The board that oversees the Vermont state college system has approved merging Johnson State College and Lyndon State College.

The board of trustees approved the measure on Thursday, which was proposed by Chancellor Jeb Spaulding. He said the unification “would protect the long-term viability and vitality of both campuses.”

According to the board, when the merger is fully implemented, it will save $2 million each year, while also producing $2 million in revenue annually “through enrollment growth beyond what would otherwise be expected for combined dollar value of budgetary savings and increased revenue is approximately $4 million annually.”

“The Board has chosen to put the two colleges into the strongest position possible to address the significant challenges facing small, tuition dependent colleges,” said VSCS board president Martha O’Connor. “The Chancellor’s analysis and explanation of the financial, academic, and community benefits of unification is substantive and convincing. Unification will make a stronger college with new opportunities for students and a promising future for both campuses.”

Details about academic programming, marketing and branding, student services and campus
activities in the unified college will be determined through the involvement of the Lyndon and Johnson faculty, staff and students in coordination with the unified administration, according to a press release.

The merger is set to take effect on July 1, 2018 under the leadership of Dr. Elaine Collins, the current president of Johnson State College.

“A consolidated executive leadership team under Dr. Collins, with strong representation from both campuses, will be in place to lead the colleges in a transition year on July 1, 2017 and will begin the visioning and preparation process in the coming weeks,” according to a press release.

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