Vt. Town Experiencing Growth Looks To Create Downtown Area

Milton, Vt. - It’s been 15 years since the Town of Milton changed its regulations, which has caused difficulty for new development, but changes are on the horizon.

"Milton is really the crossroads, there is tremendous opportunities based on the county's growth, the growth in Chittenden County has really been remarkable compared to the rest of Vermont,” said the town’s planning director Jacob Hemmerick.

Milton is Vermont’s 8th largest community, but development there is scattered with abandoned pieces of property and empty lots in between.

“The route seven corridor which is mainly affected by this is considered a weaker point in town and we are trying to bring that up to a standard that our citizens deserve, said Selectboard Chair Darren Adams. 

To streamline the process of new development, work to restructure the town’s zoning regulation is underway.

"We are trying to create a climate where this is an attractive investment opportunity that you are assured what is going into the lot next door is going to be similar to what you are proposing,” said Hemmerick.

Creating an actual downtown area is the primary goal of these new regulations where you will find new businesses like restaurants and shops.

Planning commission chair, Lori Donna said, “We would like to see a lot of our community members being able to work right here in town, new businesses that focus on technology even agribusiness.”

Adams said, "Economic development brings in jobs, jobs bring in tax revenue and that is what we need to survive and grow as a town."

Town leaders say Milton could not be in better shape to accomplish these goals.

"Milton is well positioned with water, wastewater, quality infrastructure, growing walkability so we really have the elements in place to be able to develop successfully,” said Hemmerick.

The town is expected to officially adopt the new regulations later this fall.

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