Mother Nature Throws A One-Two Punch

By Kristen Tripodi

Published 01/02 2014 07:09PM

Updated 01/02 2014 07:23PM

RUTLAND, Vt.- Mother Nature kicked off the New Year with a one- two punch. Snow coupled with freezing cold temperatures created a winter wonderland in Rutland, VT.
“In 22 years we've shoveled a lot of snow down here,” said Wayne Wortman who lives in Rutland.
Wortman was one of the brave ones he ventured outside to clear his driveway.
“I’ve got no gloves on, or a hat, I figured I'd just shovel this real quick- but it is cold out,” said Wortman.
The cold, dry snow helped crews clear the road.
“We've had good traction, good going,” said Byron Hathaway, the Rutland Town Road Commissioner.
Hathaway says crews used salt on steep hills and a few busy intersections but switched to sand on other roadways to create some traction.
“We prefer to use salt whenever we can, we do keep a small inventory of sand on hand for those inclement times like today. When actually a little bit of abrasive on the road will work better than the salt will,” said Hathaway.
Hathaway says seven plows trucks are working to clear the nearly 50 miles of road within the town's limits. Between the hours and supplies Hathaway says this storm will probably cost about $10,000.
“If you get an overnight storm that brings 4 inches of snow that comes in 2-3 hours - you go out and you plow it off and you’re done that's not as costly as a storm that just continues to keep coming and you continually have to plow,” said Hathaway.
As the snow and temperatures continue to fall Wortman says if he heads out again - he'll be more prepared.
“I’ll put gloves and a hat on for sure,” joked Wortman.

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