Are You Sabotaging Your Workout?

By Joe Gullo , CNN

Published 08/19 2014 09:19AM

Updated 08/19 2014 09:26AM

Have you been hitting the gym or the outdoor trails all summer but haven't gotten the results you wanted? It is possible you've developed some bad exercise habits that you may not even know about.

When it comes to your workout, you may have no idea if you're doing anything wrong, so this could be really helpful!

Life by daily burn came up with a list of bad habits at the gym and here are some of them:

First, you are not warming up. If you don't do it, your chance of injury goes up and you decrease how effective your workout will be.

Next, make sure you eat enough for recovery. To gain muscle, you need fuel. If you're trying to lose weight, make sure you are eating a healthy diet

Remember to do opposing movements to avoid injury and imbalances.

Also, don't train too long or too often. The recommended workout is 45-55 minutes and your body needs a day for recovery.

And -- make sure you're getting enough sleep.

Lastly, don't copy the workout of other people. One trainer says, "monkey see, monkey do" just doesn't work when it comes to working out. You may not be trained on how to do a particular exercise and could hurt yourself.

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