BBB: Scammers Trying to Steal Netflix Account Information

By Joe Gullo

Published 04/02 2014 12:32PM

Updated 04/02 2014 12:35PM

If you’re a subscriber to Netflix, the Better Business Bureau wants you to be aware of a scam masquerading as the popular web-streaming service. 

The scammers are sending emails asking the subscriber to click on a link, which leads the would-be victim to a phony web page that looks like the Netflix login page. 

Once you enter your account information, a message says your account has been suspended. The message then directs the person to call a fake number purporting to be Netflix Member Services. 

The person on the other end will try to convince the Netflix user to download “Support Software.” 

The download, however, will give scammers access to your computer.

The scammers then have access to the victim’s personal information – including their bank account information. 

According to the Better Business Bureau, there are three key indicators showing that the email involved in this scam is not actually from Netflix: First, the phone number does not belong to Netflix but to a call center in India. Second, the webpage is a pop-up. Third, the “representative” wants to log into your computer via remote software.

The bureau offers several tips on how to avoid falling prey to such scammers:

  • Never let someone log into your computer remotely. When someone logs in, they can do anything you can do on your computer. They can access anything including personal and financial information.
  • Do not click links in emails. It is better to type the address in the search bar manually.
  • If the URL seems odd, do not continue to the site. If it is a scam, it will most likely have an unusual URL. It will likely contain a common name but be accompanied by jumbled letters or numbers.
  • Always look up the business’s phone number on its website. If you need to call a business, look it up on its official website. This will ensure that you are calling a legitimate number.

More details on the scam targeting Netflix users – as well as other scams – can be found on the Better Business Bureau’s website.

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