Insuring Your Home From Disaster

By Joe Gullo

Published 06/20 2014 10:26AM

Updated 06/20 2014 10:31AM

Is your insurance policy is enough to protect your home? A new report suggests natural disasters are happening more frequently than before and we have the information every homeowner should know.

Tornadoes, flood, and wildfires -- natural disasters are causing more damage, more frequently and inflicting more costly harm, that's according to a report from the wall street journal.

Some insurers are responding by putting stricter limits on their liability loses, according to the paper, so experts say it's crucial to buy appropriate insurance coverage and understand what your policy covers.

And it seems the threat of hurricanes this season is enough for some insurers to stop offering certain types of coverage. For example, according to the wall street journal, one company no longer sells policies that cover wind and hail damage in parts of southern louisiana.

And rebuilding costs can rise after hurricanes or tornadoes as people rush to find materials and contractors. The paper says one option is an extended or guaranteed replacement policy to lessen the impact on your pocketbook after a storm.

Floods. The paper points out that standard home insurance covers damage from rain that gets into your home but you need a separate policy for losses from surging ocean waves or an overflowing river or brook. Deductibles for federal flood policies can reach up to five-thousand dollars, according to the wall street journal, and there is often a 30-day waiting period for a policy to go into effect.

Lastly, keep in mind that some policies also don't cover a stay in a hotel or temporary apartment.

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