INTERACTIVE: Best & Worst States For Finding Tax Help

By Joe Gullo

Published 04/01 2014 02:01PM

Updated 04/01 2014 02:12PM

Wallet Hub ranked the best and worst states and the District of Columbia for tax help. 

Rankings were based on number of accountants per 1,000 jobs (weight 1), number of accounting job openings per 100,000 inhabitants (weight: 0.5), affordability of tax help (weight: 1), number of returns filed per accountant (weight: 0.5), IRS refund amount per tax filer (weight: 1), percentage of paid returns (weight 0.5), and state tax preparer regulations (weight: 0.5). 

Click on a state to see how it ranked among the above metrics and overall. Ranking key (1= Best State, 51= Worst State). 

Best State For Tax Help:
  1. North Dakota 
  2. South Dakota
  3. District of Columbia
  4. Massachusetts 
  5. California 
Worst State For Tax Help:
  1. Mississippi 
  2. Texas
  3. Indiana 
  4. Louisiana 
  5. Tennessee 
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