Mayflower: Millennials More Likely to Relocate For Jobs

By Joe Gullo

Published 05/20 2014 12:11PM

Updated 05/20 2014 12:12PM

Relocating for a new job can be an exciting and stressful time for families but when deciding whose job prompts a move for the family. A new study reveals some interesting differences in attitude between generations.

You score a great job offer in another city but then you and your family have to make the decision -- do we pack up and move or forgo the job and stay where we are? Well this new study says the younger generation is a lot more open and equal in this decision making process.

It seems, the younger the generation, the more comfortable husbands and wives are with sharing the career spotlight.

That's what a study by the moving company, Mayflower concluded. It found that 72 percent of Millennials would support moving if the wife got a new job.

By comparison, only 59 percent of Baby Boomers said they would move for a wife's new job and just 37 percent of pre-Boomers, those age 65 or older.

Experts say Millennials have fewer preconceived notions about the bread-winning role, which has had an impact on family dynamics including how jobs for either the husband or wife might affect a family's home base.

Something to think about, especially as more and more working couples have to balance their ambitions.

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