President Obama Signs National Equal Pay Day Proclamations

By Joe Gullo

Published 04/08 2014 04:50PM

Updated 04/08 2014 06:15PM

WASHINGTON - While Vermont lawmakers discussed higher pay, President Barack Obama was focused on equal pay. National Equal Pay Day was proclaimed Tuesday.  

The president signed a pair of executive orders to strengthen laws on equal pay. Both would make it easier for some workers to find out if they're being compensated fairly, compared to their colleagues.

The orders only apply to companies with federal contracts. The day is geared at highlighting the gender wage gap.

"It's about valuing women and respecting women and not trying to sell women a bill of goods that because something or other, they're not worthy of receiving the same money," Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-12 Calif.) said. "Women should not be susceptible to those false claims."

In 2012, women on average earned only 77% of what men did. The gap is even more significant for minorities.

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