Researchers Question the Health Benefits of Red Wine

By Joe Gullo

Published 05/13 2014 02:51PM

Updated 05/13 2014 02:54PM

It may just sound like an excuse to drink  but many people swear that a glass of red wine a day keeps them fit and healthy.

We've heard that drinking red wine will help our heart even help us live longer. Some science has pointed to one red wine chemical in particular called resveratrol as the reason why.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University offer findings Tuesday that some may find sobering. Resveratrol, they say, may not offer the benefits that we have hoped.

They looked at 800 Italians over nine years to see if this chemical was indeed linked to less cancer, better heart health, and longer life.

Those connections simply weren't there.

So is it time to set down that glass? Perhaps not. Red wine is, after all, more than just resveratrol. So that small glass a day may still have health benefits.

The important point to remember, as always moderation is key. Now that's something we can all drink to.

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