Study: Spouses Don't See Eye to Eye About Budgeting

Published 06/12 2014 10:16AM

Updated 06/12 2014 10:18AM

It is one of the top things many couples disagree about -- money -- and it may come as no surprise. According to a new study, spouses don't see eye to eye about budgeting, but just how far apart are they?

So many spouses spend secretly without telling the other. So this study asked spouses one question -- how much is appropriate to spend on a big ticket purchase without telling your spouse. $100, 500? 5,000 dollars?

Experian Consumer Services has the results and its study found that there's a huge divide in this answer. Men gave a dollar figure about three times the amount that women gave.

On average, men said they'd spend $1,231 before talking to their spouse first. Women said they wouldn't spend more than $396.

That is a big difference in mindset and, researchers say, it could explain why money is such a flash point in so many marriages.

A study by Utah State University last year found that fights over money are the top predictor of divorce

So perhaps the big takeaway from this study -- that it's important for couples to have good spending communication and at the most basic level -- to be honest about what they spend.

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