New Details In Hubbardton Deaths

By Kristen Tripodi

Published 02/13 2014 07:18PM

Updated 02/14 2014 11:33AM

HUBBARDTON, Vt.- New details in a double homicide in Hubbardton, Vermont; a father and son, both electricians shot and killed on the job.
The accused is Sylvester Labartino, 70; police say he has a lengthy rap sheet.
Michelle Charron says she learned of her brother and nephew's death through Facebook.

“I still really can't believe this is happening,” said Charron, who lives in Rutland.

Police say Wednesday Shane Plummer, 57 and his son Christopher, 25 were called to a home on Route 30 in Hubbardton by the landlord to fix
electrical problems. The tenant- 70 year old Sylvester Labartino. But something went horribly wrong.

“I got out here and tried to find some answers. I would just like to know why,” said Charron.

Charron along with numerous family and friends wiped away tears in court Thursday as Labartino was arraigned on two second degree murder charges for Shane and Christopher's deaths. Court documents show the landlord tried to have the electricians fix the problem the day before - on Tuesday. But Labartino didn't want them in his home and State Police were called to help calm the situation.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning, Shane and Christopher arrived with the landlord to complete the work at Labartino's home; the landlord left a little while later and that's where things get a bit hazy.

Police say they received a 911 call at 1:37 p.m. from Shane saying 'his son was shot'. State police arrived and found the father and son dead from gunshot wounds.

Court documents show Labartino has a lengthy criminal record with arrests dating back to the late 1960’s in New York, Georgia, and Florida.
Charges include multiple DUI’s, burglary, trespassing, bribery, and even threatening bodily harm.

Charron says she wants Labartino punished and put away for good.

“I don’t want him to ever get out of jail. I want him to realize that he just destroyed a whole bunch of people's lives. You can't get them back,” said Charron.

Bail for Labartino is set at $750,000.
State Police wouldn't comment on camera but did say the investigation is ongoing.

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