5.23.14 "New" Meteor Shower

Published 05/23 2014 10:27AM

Updated 05/23 2014 10:38AM

Astronomers are closely watching a "new" meteor shower that's set to peak early Saturday morning.

The Camelopardalid meteor shower peaks between 2-4 AM Saturday morning. Experts say in a dark location up to 200 meteors could be spotted each hour. Astronomers say they will originate from the area of the North Star.

There is uncertainty about how exciting the show will be, however. That's because Earth has never traveled through the debris response for triggering the meteor shower. If the debris behaves differently than currently expected, the shower could be a bust.

Most meteor showers are predicted with more certainty, since they often occur each year.

Unfortunately our skies will remain mostly cloudy and somewhat foggy overnight, meaning the viewing for the meteor will be difficult even if it lives up to its full potential.

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