5.3.14 Rebuilding Climate from Logs

Published 05/03 2014 07:21PM

Updated 05/03 2014 07:31PM

A citizen science project, known as Old Weather, seeks volunteers to rebuild our climate history.

Anyone can visit that website, create a user account, and start sifting through old ship logbooks. The old logs are a treasure trove of information, including things like temperature, pressure, and mentions of storms. Logbooks were, and still are, a point of pride within the maritime community. That means they're typically meticulous and chock full of weather detail. The problem is that the books from hundreds of years ago are hand written.

In order for that data to be useful to scientists trying to recreate our past weather the data must be digitized. That's where you come in.

Once you have a user account you can view the old log books, read the data, and then input it digitally. With that more detailed past weather, over otherwise data void oceans, scientists can get a glimpse into the future climate.

If you take part in the project, drop me a note. I'll be curious to see what you think of it.

-Meteorologist Michael Page

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