6.14.14 Earliest Sunrises Happening Now

Published 06/14 2014 07:54PM

Updated 06/14 2014 07:59PM

We're currently enjoying the longest days of the year.

Between June 9 and June 21 the sun rises at 5:06 AM, the earliest it will rise all year. Right now we're basking in 15 hours and 29 minutes of sunlight.

Interestingly enough, the latest sunsets will actually happen after next weekend's summer solstice.

That milestone is reached between June 20 and July 2 when the sun sets at 8:38 PM.

Many are often surprised to learn that the earliest sunrise and latest sunset don't match up. The reason has to do with the length of day on the summer solstice. Instead of being exactly 24 hours, it is 24 hours and 15 seconds. That slight different, routed in a few astronomical calculations, is enough to create the offset.

Enjoy the sun!

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