6.30.14 Eyes on the Tropics

Published 06/30 2014 08:31PM

Updated 06/30 2014 08:42PM

About a month into the tropical Atlantic Hurricane Season, the first named storm may be taking shape.

An area of disturbed weather off the Florida coast line was investigated by Hurricane Hunters today. The reconnaissance flight found winds between 30-35 MPH, and a fairly well defined area of low pressure. It wasn't quite enough to be considered a Tropical Depression, however.

For the past few days dry air has been flowing into the storm, which has delayed intensification. With less dry air now, the storm has a better chance of getting organized.

The National Hurricane Center says just a small amount of additional organization would increase winds enough to make it a Tropical Storm. If it does reach that 39 MPH requirement, it would be named Arthur.

The system is currently drifting southwest at 5 MPH, but over the next few days the storm will begin to move northward. It will eventually curve along the coastline, as it looks right now, and may be close to Southern New England water's late week.

While the system won't have a direct impact on our region, we'll keep close watch on it.

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