Crops Flourish With Nice Weather

Published 06/25 2014 04:16PM

Updated 06/25 2014 06:36PM

BURLINGTON, Vt. - If you haven't been to a local farmer’s market or veggie stand recently, Liz Fullerton says you're missing out.

"Gorgeous, amazing, delicious vegetables," she said while showing off fresh cucumbers. She stocked up at Paul Mazza's in Essex Junction Wednesday.

"A head of lettuce so big I had to get a special bag just to fit it in," she said.

It’s not her imagination. Growers like Mara Welton of Half Pint Farm say veggies are bountiful so far this season, and it's all thanks to the weather.

"The weather, with the sun and the rain, and the sun and the rain, a little bit of heat, a little bit of a cool night; the timing honestly this year has been a dream," Welton said.

That’s in spite of the late start many growers faced thanks to a chilly spring. But this year's success stands in stark contrast to the conditions seen this time last year.

"It was soggy. The conditions for working were kind of demoralizing. It was hard to be wet all the time and then just watching the fields never dry out," she said.

Last year's relentless rains made May and June the wettest two consecutive months on record in Burlington. Much of New York and New Hampshire was also exceedingly wet, leaving fields and crops like corn swamped. This year, with more balanced weather, corn is coming along nicely.

"Knee high by the Fourth of July- it is over knee high pretty much everywhere that I’ve seen it," Welton said excitedly.

"You're looking at a field that's a third or fourth planting- we actually have corn that's going to be ready to pick by the tenth of July," Paul Mazza’s Fruits and Vegetables Farm Manager Shawn Lavigne said.

Of course weather varies at each farm, and some growers say they are still running a few days behind schedule despite the nice weather recently.

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