NH Bill Would Allow Sugar to Be Served in Open Containers

By Joe Gullo

Published 03/18 2014 02:04PM

Updated 03/18 2014 02:14PM

CONCORD, N.H. - A bill being debated in the New Hampshire House would repeal a ban on on sugar packet requirements.

Under the current law, an establishment can only serve sugar in packets or a container with a cover with a hole no more than 3/8 of inch in diameter. 

The bill would allow establishments to serve sugar in open containers. 

The House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee cites public health and security issues with allowing establishments serve sugar in open containers. Those supporting the bill say the reason they want to repeal the prohibition on sugar bowls is that the current law is archaic and out-of-date and is rarely-if-ever enforced.

The law went into effect 1971.

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