Scott Brown Visits Upper Valley

By Kristen Tripodi

Published 04/30 2014 05:49PM

Updated 04/30 2014 08:47PM

LEBANON, N.H. - It could be the most watched Senate race in the country come November as Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen runs for re-election.

Former Massachusetes Republican Senator Scott Brown, along with three other Republicans will square off come September. They will all be looking to win Shaeen's seat. 

Brown stopped by Keene Medical Center in Lebanon Wednesday. This was part of what he has dubbed his "Obamacare Isn't Working" tour. 

Brown toured the facility with the owners to learn more about the New Hampshire based company. He also talked about how the Affordable Care Act is affecting their business. 

The owners say the act significantly lowered reimbursement rates through Medicare, and that's negatively impacting business. 

Brown says he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act altogether. Brown did support Romneycare in Massachusetts, but he says Obamacare is much different.
"We didn't cut three quarter of a trillion dollars from Medicare," Brown said. "We had choices from the top end plans all the way to the subsidized care plans, so we had the options in between. We had competition. The federal care plan did raise taxes as they rammed it through as it was not bipartisan and it was not bicameral."

Since announcing he was throwing his hat in the Senate race earlier this month, he has reiterated over and over again that the main different between himself and Sen. Shaheen is that she supports the Affordable Care Act and he doesn't. 

When asked why he's making the move to run in New Hampshire, he says even though he hasn't lived in the state for some time, he always had ties to the state.

Voters will ultimately have the final say in September as they pick a Republican to battle it out at the ballot against Shaeen. 

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