Shaws Customer at Risk from Data Breach

By Alex Rose

Published 08/15 2014 10:34PM

Updated 08/15 2014 10:37PM

Colchester, Vt.- "Being in Vermont, you don't quite think it's going to happen to you," said frequent Shaws shopper Marcus Certa. But now the threat of someone stealing your bank info is real for people shopping at Shaws.

“I'm here at least probably a couple days a week so it does make me a little nervous,” said Army Veteran Melissa Cali.

Albertsons, the company that owns Shaws, announced a breach in its electronic payment system. For customers like Certa, who shops at Shaws every day, they could be at risk.

“Well I use my debit card for just about everything. I mean this is the day and age, who carries cash anymore?” Certa said.

The breach happened during a window as early as June 22nd and as late as July 17th, and could affect anyone who swiped a debit or credit card at Shaws during that time.

“It's your daily routine,” Certa said. “You just get in a mindless routine of swiping the card."

The President of Shaws said in this situation, identity theft isn't likely, because the information breached didn't include social security numbers.

If you're worried about your bank account information being stolen, banks recommend checking your accounts and balances daily.

“I check it on my phone, on an app," Cali said.

“When I'm at my computer,” Certa said. “I'm at my computer all the time anyway, so why not just go ahead and open up the browser and take a look."

If you're really worried, banks will even print out a new debit or credit card for you.

For people familiar with security including Melissa Cali, who served for 13 years for military intelligence, she knows this issue is being handled in the rear view mirror.

“I think a lot of it is hindsight 20-20,” Cali said. “The civilian type of way of thinking is: you wait until something happens, and then increase your security measures."

In a statement, Shaws said “They believe that the intrusion has been contained and is confident that its customers can safely use their credit and debit cards in its stores.”

This is an ongoing investigation. To see the latest updates, visit their website:

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