Snow, Flooding Expected this Weekend

Published 03/28 2014 05:30PM

Updated 03/28 2014 07:14PM

WATERBURY, Vt. - Spring is picking up where winter left off-stormy. Several inches of heavy, wet snow around parts of Northern Vermont could easily create power problems this weekend, and Green Mountain Power will be ready.

"We'll have all of our crews ready to go depending on how the storm takes shape. We also have crews on standby to go in to help in case this is a major event," spokeswoman Kristin Carlson said.

GMP held a conference call Friday afternoon to discuss storm plans.

"We're also deploying resources to where we think the hardest hit areas might be so that they're ready, and that they're on the ground ready to go," Carlson added.

In the event of an outage, Mark Bosma of Vermont Emergency Management reminds people to use generators safely since there was a carbon monoxide death in the state late last year.

"Use it outside in a well ventilated area, don't put it near the home, especially near any open windows or doors," Bosma warned.

Pasty snow will also pile up in parts of Northern New York, but highway crews from Plattsburgh and Lake Placid say they've got enough salt and money to deal with whatever falls.

Like most spring time storms, there's more than just snow coming with this system. There's also heavy rain, and that could cause flooding, especially the farther south you go. Right now, rivers from Rutland to the Upper Valley are expected to approach minor flood stage this weekend. Rivers near Bennington may approach moderate flood stage. Of course ice jams can develop quickly this time of year, and without much warning. Emergency managers know that well.

"If something drastically changed and flooding was imminent and it was going to be serious flooding we have swift water rescue teams around the state like Johnson, Hartford, and Colchester," Bosma said.

It’s also a good idea to clear off your roof if it still has snow on it. The added weight of heavy snow, or heavy rain falling into snow already on the roof, could lead to collapses or leaks.

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