Sochi Weather is Warm

Published 02/08 2014 07:42PM

Updated 02/08 2014 07:52PM

Courtesy: NASA
Courtesy: NASA
Sochi, Russia, home to this year's Winter Olympics, is the warmest city to ever host the winter games. With a subtropical climate, featuring an average high near 50 and an average low near 35 in February, the city has a climate similar to Atlanta as opposed to past host cities like Lake Placid. Keep in mind the average high this time of year in Lake Placid is a much chillier 27.

Even though Sochi itself is situated along the Black Sea, and some indoor events are being held next to palm trees, the nearby towering Caucasus Mountains play host to many outdoor events. Just to be sure there's enough snow in the mountains that shoot over 7,000 ft. up, hundreds of snow guns are in place.

In the attached image from NASA you can see some of the Olympic venues in Sochi, near the Black Sea, with snow capped (the white) peaks not far away.

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