New Sundial Designed by Burlington Resident for the Eclipse

Burlington, Vt. - A couple of Vermonters took their love of sundials and connected it with the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 to create a new way to tell time.

Burlington resident Bill Gottesman has been fascinated with sundials since college.

"You would think after 4,000 years we would run out of new inventions, but we haven't," Gottesman said.

His latest invention is a sundial that uses the shape of the sun to tell the time, which can only be done during an eclipse. He enlisted a friend, Dan Axtell who lives in Westminster, to help create

When visiting the website, you can enter any location for an individualized sundial to print out. Once printed, Gottesman explains you will need an index card with a pinhole in it.

"With your card that you're holding in your hand you just move the shadow to the line that the sun's crescent will match," Gottesman said. "Here it's just a circle but on the eclipse day the sun will form one of these shapes and will match one of these lines at the given time."

Detailed video instructions are also available on the website. Gottesman said that the device will work for anyone in the country who will see a partial eclipse as the moon would block rotation during a total eclipse.

"Finally if you can only see a partial eclipse you can be happy that there's something that the people in totality can't do as well," he said.

The online tool is free of charge. Gottesman said that's because he just wants to share his excitement about sundials and the eclipse with other people.

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