New Tool Protects Pets in Hot Cars

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) - It just takes a matter of minutes on a hot day like today for the inside of your car to get hot.

“Even just the soft seat is registering at 98.7 degrees.”

A new device for the Warren County SPCA uses the same laser technology as electricians.

“Anything in the car we can touch with the laser pointer and tell what the temperature is. We can even put it on the dog’s hind end and even tail to see what the hair temperature is on the dog,” Jim Fitzgerald, of the Warren County SPCA, said.

The SPCA now operates under the sheriff’s office, helping with animal cruelty investigations.

“It takes a few of those kinds of calls from their officers and we can handle it,” Darlene Hayes, Captain at Warren County SPCA, said.

On hot summer days, they step up patrols in parking lots, keeping an eye out for pets left in cars.

More people are becoming aware of the dangers and they have been getting many calls.

Some owners still don’t understand just how quickly the temperature can rise.

“Most people are like I didn’t realize how quickly it can get hot in there. I mean a dog can be dead in literally 20 minutes in a hot car in the sun,” Hayes said.

The Warren County SPCA has a  hotline is (518)-793-4048. You can also find more information on the SPCA’s website:

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