Day At The Clinton County Fair: Fun, Games & Food!

By Staci DaSilva |

Published 07/16 2014 08:54PM

Updated 07/16 2014 08:56PM


Kick off to fair season has begun. The Clinton County Fair in Plattsburgh celebrated day 2 on Wednesday.

Here’s a quick recap of some things you can check out when you visit.

Tap your feet, take a ride and eat something fried. It’s not the fair without some good ‘ole fried food.

“Us Americans always love fried food,” said Deanna Hubbard, a food vendor. “And so they say anything fried is going to be good. Our Reese's cups are popular and we have Oreos, Snickers and we have fried bananas."

Fried Reese's cups are an indulgent delight. And so are North Country favorite, Red Hots.

“You want to order it 'With Buried' which means that we put the onions underneath the hot dog and then we put the mustard on and then we put the meat sauce on,” explained McSweeney’s Red Hots owner Mic Farrell.

McSweeney’s Red Hots actually started at the Fair in 1990. That was the first year that Farrell and his family served up the classic. That next year, the first McSweeney's Red Hots’ permanent restaurant was opened in Plattsburgh.

“We use 'Red Hot' simply due to the fact that we wanted people to know that ours was a little more spicy,” explained Farrell.

And the Clinton County Fair, an ag fair, would be nothing without agriculture.

4-h kids and teens arrive at the fair before 6am to prep their prize-winning pals.

“Every morning at the fair we wash them and they get fed,” said Katarina Emerich of Mooers, NY.

14-year old Katarina Emerich shows 4 of her female calves. Katarina was last year's "Master Showman" at the Clinton County Fair.

“It's important to make sure you take care of the animals first,” said Emerich. “You take care of them and then you take care of yourself in the morning. You make sure that everything gets done so that way you can make sure it gets done the right way."

But when it comes to the fair, there's no wrong way to spend the day.

Mark Tyoe has been creating works of art from wood for 20 years and travels around the country with his act.

He can whip up a piece of art in one hour. “A lot of practice. You got to know what your saw is capable of and then use your artistic creativity and go from there,” said Mark Tyoe.

The Clinton County Fair continues through Sunday.


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