Deadline Passes, No Bids For Hotel At Plattsburgh Airport

By Staci DaSilva |

Published 03/04 2014 06:18PM

Updated 03/04 2014 06:24PM


Clinton County leaders tell FOX44/ABC22 NEWS, 4 developers requested information about the County's pitch for a new hotel at the airport but that is as far as their conversations went.

150,000 ticket holders fly in and out of Plattsburgh International Airport every year.

And Jimmy Langley, Chair of the Clinton County Airport Committee, says all those people need a place to stay, in the case of flight cancelations and layovers.

“You look at any major airport in any major city, it's an accommodation for your airport to have a hotel there,” said Jimmy Langley.

So, the bidding opened in January to find the right hotel developer. While 4 expressed interest, Tuesday's 2:30 pm deadline passed and nobody bid. Langley says, those developers will be hearing from him.

“We have to contact those that requested the information to put a bid together and ask them 'What were their concerns or what did we do wrong or what was the verbiage that was the issue or a hindrance?' and then revamp it,” said Langley.

The hotel would be just another piece of a separate $54 million expansion taking place at the Airport.

The expansion plans were approved last week. The airport terminal will triple in size, making space for more planes and passengers.

“Then we believe we'll have more flights available,” explained Langley.

Langley and his Committee are eyeing direct flights to not only New York City and Philadelphia but also Europe.

Construction will begin this fall and last 2 years. Langley just hopes that a hotel will be growing right beside it.

“A hotel in that location is the best thing to occur there,” said Langley.

If and when a developer eventually decides to make a bid, it will then go to the Airport Committee for a vote.



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