Marriott Hotel Adding To Commercial Boom in Plattsburgh

By Staci DaSilva |

Published 08/06 2014 06:29PM

Updated 08/06 2014 06:33PM

Marriot Fairfield Hotel Coming to Plattsburgh
Marriot Fairfield Hotel Coming to Plattsburgh

People in the town of Plattsburgh say they've never seen it like this before. New businesses are popping up all over town.

“We have a lot of new restaurants, a lot of new hotels, a lot of Canadian business, which helps our economy and gives us a chance to grow in Plattsburgh,” said Plattsburgh resident Debbie Heller.

Steve Imhoff, Codes and Zoning Enforcement Officer in Plattsburgh says it really is all about Canada.

“It's driving our market,” said Imhoff. “Hug a Canadian. They're the reason that we have 8 more restaurants that have popped up in the last 2 years."

Eight new restaurants and more on the way. Another new restaurant is being built right now on Route 3 next to Texas Roadhouse.

And adding to the dozens of hotels already in town, crews are excavating the site of a new Fairfield Inn & Suites, a Marriott brand hotel that should open by next summer.

The site is across the street from the Hampton Inn. “They've obviously done their homework to know there's reason to think they're going to be successful,” said Plattsburgh Town Supervisor Bernie Bassett. “That we aren't just going to steal the existing market but we're going to grow the market."

Bassett says industries are also expanding. For example, Schluter Systems is undergoing a massive site improvement project.

“Almost every corner in the town of Plattsburgh that you go to you're going to see earth moving. You're going to see construction and that's exciting,” said Bassett.

“It's been over the top for us,” said Imhoff. “Since the economic boom of the early 2000's this has probably been one of the best ones that we've seen in 12 years."

“On the surface it creates jobs, which is very good. It puts money in the economy. It brings new money to the economy. It adds jobs to people doing construction. But it also builds the base, it builds the tax base,” said Bernie Bassett.

Plattsburgh is also improving the water and sewer system along Route 3 to deal with the higher volume.

Moving forward, Bassett told us what he still wants is a hotel and conference center facility in the town. There isn't one in the city or town of Plattsburgh just yet.

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