New Businesses Coming to the North Country, Start Up NY

Published 02/18 2014 10:19AM

Updated 02/18 2014 10:22AM

Brand new businesses will soon be going up in the North Country. It’s all part of Governor Andrew Cuomo's Start Up New York initiative that he announced last year.

Anyone who builds next to a college campus will get major tax breaks - and now we know that has several new businesses interested.

College students swarm schools in Plattsburgh, but after graduation, job opportunities are scarce. To keep fresh young minds in the North Country, Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced Start Up New York.

"No business taxes, no sales taxes, no property tax, no franchise fees, no income tax, period," Governor Cuomo said.

Businesses building within a one mile radius of a college campus will be exempt from those for ten years.

"Very interesting program that will basically pull the campus together with the community for economic development," Keith Tyo said, who coordinates Start Up for SUNY Plattsburgh."There are about 12 businesses that we're actively talking with. The majority are from outside of New York state, primarily from the Québec area," Tyo said.

He isn't revealing specific business names yet, but did tell us what the ideal start-ups near the campus would be. "Computer science companies, gaming, digital technology, things like that," Tyo added.

Clinton Community College is also talking with six potential start ups. These businesses will provide internships for students, then potentially hire them.

"Industrial technology, pharmaceuticals, renewable energies, so those areas where we already have strong degree programs and instructors," Victoria Duley said, who coordinates Start Up for the community college.

But certain businesses like hotels, restaurants and retailers won't qualify. Protecting the mom and pops already existing in town is important.

"There’s a strong tie between the academic mission of the institutions and the companies that would be partnering with them," Duley said.

Now, these schools will need to find a place to put all of these new businesses. There could be some space on campus, but they're also looking to the Plattsburgh International Airport, or the North Star Technology facility. This could happen as early as the fall semester.





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