New Plattsburgh Visitors' Center in Final Stages of Construction

By Staci DaSilva |

Published 05/21 2014 04:50PM

Updated 05/21 2014 06:35PM


Plattsburgh is about to get a brand new place to welcome visitors. Construction is still underway for the new Visitors’ Center with just two and a half weeks away from opening day.

It will be a first-of-its kind venue in Plattsburgh, a space full of everything you ever wanted to know about the Lake City.

“It's something that's been lacking, it really is,” explained Tim McCormick, Pres. of First Weekends in Plattsburgh and VP of Plattsburgh Downtown Association. “There's no real one place people can go to find out what's going on downtown."

“I think it'd be great for the community,” said Caitlyn Smith, a Plattsburgh resident. “At least you can take families and people can just stop by and just look around and see all the beautiful things that we offer."

The building, at 30 City Hall Place downtown, became available just 3 months ago. It was then that Tim McCormick and his teams got to work.

Three Plattsburgh-based non-profits are renting the space together. “Plattsburgh Renewal Project will be holding their events and meetings here. First Weekends is looking at it as a rain location for some of the events that we hold on City Hall Place and then the Downtown Association is looking to have it as a Visitors’ Center,” said McCormick.

A few doors down is DeLish by Irises, a bakery and cafe. Elizabeth Miller is the manager.

She says she already talks to tourists about things to do in the city.

She'll be happy to send them down the street to the Visitors’ Center once it opens.

“And if it is bringing a lot of tourism downtown, then they're done with their tours and looking for somewhere to eat, I think it will bring business to Delish,” said Elizabeth Miller.

The hope is in the future, the Visitors’ Center will also be the starting point for historic tours.

The 3 groups collaborating on the venue are non-profits and are not affiliated with the city.

The Center is scheduled to be open Saturday, June 7th for Plattsburgh First Weekends events.

In the meantime, organizers are looking for volunteers to help ensure they are ready by that time.

To find out how you can help set up the Center, message First Weekends, Plattsburgh, Renewal Project or ask a member of the Plattsburgh Downtown Association about how to help!

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