NWS Confirms Deadly NY Tornado

Published 07/10 2014 09:17AM

Updated 07/10 2014 09:47AM

The National Weather Service in Binghamton, NY confirmed it was a tornado that caused the damage and fatalities in Smithfield earlier this week.

The tornado was an EF 2 with winds between 100 and 125 mph. EF stands for Enhanced Fujita, a recently-updated scale that used to be referred to as the "F-Scale." The tornado was an average width of 235 yards and traveled 2.5 miles, unfortunately resulting in 4 deaths. This information comes from the NWS-Binghamton office. After storm damage events, meteorologists from the NWS local office survey the damage to conclude whether it was a tornado or microburst that caused the damage.

Here's the summary from the NWS-Binghamton Office:

"Three homes were destroyed and five others sustained significant damage. The storm first struck a manufactured home with some additional construction on Goff Road producing two fatalities. A barn and home were then destroyed next to this first home on Goff Road. A trailer was destroyed next to the barn with another fatality. Another home then sustained significant damage from flying missiles. All of this destruction was on Goff Road. On Northrup Road a three story home was removed from its foundation and thrown down a hill killing the occupant. Portions of this house were thrown into another house. Damage on Northrup and Goff Roads was clearly tornadic with lots of thrown debris and downed trees. The tornado weakened and produced EF1 damage to a home on Butler Road then weakened and ended on Route 31. This information can also be found on our website at weather.Gov/bgm."

According to NOAA's Storm Prediction Center in the past 60 years there have been 400 reports of tornadoes in New York, 100 of them happening in July.

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