NWS: High Winds, Not Tornado, Caused Damage

Published 05/28 2014 04:12PM

Updated 05/28 2014 07:32PM

BRIDPORT, Vt. - After surveying storm damage in Addison and Rutland Counties Wednesday, the National Weather Service determined there was not a tornado touchdown on Tuesday. 

In Bridport the storm mostly just downed trees, but there was some structural damage, including to two silos on Crown Point Road. One of the silos was completely sliced in half.

Dan Thomas says those structures, each sixty five feet high, couldn't withstand the power of Tuesday's storm in Addison County.

"We recently put equipment in here, and you know all the buildings were in pretty good shape," said Bridport resident Dan Thomas.

The National Weather Service inspected the damage, but determined it was not caused by a tornado. Instead, they say it was caused by intense, straight line winds gusting 75-85 mph.

"The wind itself laid a lot of these fields down, a lot of trees, there's a lot of damage to older barns," Thomas said.

Another man, who's lived in town for nearly fifty years, lost a tree in his yard. It just missed his garage.

His car was also okay, but only after some quick thinking to get it inside.

“I rain out with a pail over my head to get in the garage to get the car in,” he said.

His camper wasn't so lucky, after quarter sized hail pounded down.

“See where they hit- took both tail lights right off," he added while pointing to the damage.

As the storm continued southeast, some say they saw dark, swirling clouds.

In Shoreham, part of a roof ended up in a neighbor’s yard.

Cornwall also suffered several downed trees, including one that ripped up part of a driveway.

Much of the damage in the Rutland and Proctor areas, according to the Weather Service, was caused by the large hail.

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