NY Governor Delivers Fourth State of State

Published 01/08 2014 04:17PM

Updated 01/08 2014 10:47PM

On Wednesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered his fourth State of the State Address.

Cuomo, laying out a broad and ambitious agenda, discussed a two-year property tax freeze, upgrades to major airports and stricter texting while driving laws.

He also discussed tourism spending, saying it was up by $4 billion. He proposed a license that would add hunting and fishing permits to driver’s license identification cards—it is called the NY State Adventure License. 

Cuomo is seeking a second term this year.

Cuomo says one his priorities is improving the state's economy and to help do that he's looking at lowering taxes. Things are a little easier for the governor this year. That's because the state has a two-billion dollar surplus.

During his address, the governor says he wants to lower or even get rid of some taxes. Cuomo is looking to freeze property taxes for homeowners for two-years if local governments stay within the tax cap.

Besides taxes, the governor is pushing for the state to allow medical marijuana, taking driver's licenses away from people caught drinking and driving three times, and making full day pre-k universal across New York.

And he's also targeting higher education.

"We want to provide to the top 10-percent of high school graduates full scholarships to any SUNY or CUNY school if they pursue a math or science career and agree to work in the State of New York for five years," says Cuomo.

Also teachers who are doing a good job could be eligible for bonuses. Cuomo wants to give districts up to 20-thousand dollars to help do that.

Many considered this an important address for him because it's an election year. He didn't say how it was going to pay for everything.

But there is that surplus and at least some of the proposals already have the support of the assembly.

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