NY Volunteer Fire Stations Open Doors For "Recruit NY" Weekend

By Staci DaSilva | sdasilva@nexstar.tv

Published 04/27 2014 05:06PM

Updated 04/27 2014 07:13PM


All across New York this weekend, volunteer fire stations opened up their doors to recruit new firefighters.

That’s a task that's not only necessary one weekend a year, but every day.

Kim Budwick is one of those who signed up. She just recently moved to Plattsburgh. Already, she wants to help her new community by volunteering for the fire department.

“I like to be active in the community,” said Budwick. “I feel that being a firefighter is a really good cause. When I was young, we lost our home. And I've always felt that I know the firemen then did all they could do to save our house, or try to save our house and I feel it's time to give back."

It was people like Kim who showed up at volunteer fire stations across New York this weekend, ready to donate their time to saving lives and helping people.

“It really is rewarding going into the community, and them seeing us doing a good job and helping them out in ways they can't help themselves,” explained Station 1 Lt. Kristopher Monogue.

Plattsburgh's Fire Station 1 responds to over 400 calls a year with 40 volunteers and they could always use a little more help.

“We always have a need for volunteers,” said Lt. Monogue. “Being volunteers, that means when the pager goes off at 2 in the morning, we might only get a few people, opposed to a career fire department. They have people there around the clock. So we could always use volunteers."

All 5 Plattsburgh town fire stations are 100% volunteer-run.

“People come in when they can, they volunteer time when they want. We're here every Monday night doing training, truck checks, cleaning the station but that's pretty much the closest thing to a shift that we have,” said Lt. Monogue.

Otherwise, they're always on call. And helping others isn't the only benefit.

“Everyone wants to grow up to ride a fire truck, and now that I'm grown up, I get to,” said Lt. Monogue.

When it comes to volunteering there, no experience is necessary.

“It's a little intimidating but I guess I'll take it one step at a time,” said Kim Budwick.

And of course, this isn't the only time you can sign up.

If you'd like to volunteer in Plattsburgh, or any other volunteering fire department, you can sign up at any time.

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