Perry Marvin makes big 'splash' in Bass Fishing

By Ross Lippman |

Published 08/24 2014 09:14PM

Updated 08/24 2014 09:20PM

Perry Marvin has been fishing on Lake Champlain his whole life. 

"You know I started when I was I think three our four," said Marvin while out on Lake Champlain by Point Au Roche Park in Plattsburgh Sunday. "I'd always take out the little row boat all by myself and I'd spend every day of my summer fishing on Lake Champlain."

It didn't take long for Perry to get good, and he got good fast.

"I've been fishing my whole life," said Perry's dad, Perry Marvin Sr. "And I guess when we got to the point where he started taking me out and showing me how to do it that's when I realized that he knew what he was doing."

It's culminated in the most recent of Perry's many bass fishing accomplishments. Perry Marvin is a Junior World Champion.

"I had the pleasure of qualifying to fish in the TBF Junior World Championship in South Carolina, and I had the opportunity to win the Junior World Championship down there and it was a great time."

For these junior competitions that Perry participates in like the Junior World Championships, there are cash prizes. But this money doesn't go to getting better out in the water, it goes to getting better in the classroom.

"It's more important to the TBF that you get an education than the fishing, that's what all the money is for. It doesn't go to the anglers for what they want, it goes to scholarships for colleges."

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