Peru Mock DWI Crash Shows Consequences of Drunk Driving

By Staci DaSilva |

Published 05/09 2014 12:20PM

Updated 05/09 2014 12:23PM


A teenager was arrested for DWI, countless other students were injured and the rest of the school watched in awe. Luckily, it was all staged during a mock DWU crash in Peru, New York Friday morning. The school, in partnership with the Peru Volunteer Fire Department, police and the Clinton County Stop DWI program, held the staged event Friday morning outside the high school.

Peru's prom is Saturday night and the crash is a way to show them, first hand, the dangers of drinking and driving.

Rick Hazen was on the crew that started doing simulations like these years ago.

“Being a volunteer firefighter, I had seen a lot of different things come up over the years and we thought that there was a need for it,” said Rick Hazen. “We don't see 1/8 of what we used to see for problems."

“The adrenaline rush from as soon as they pull off the tarps and you hear the call in and you hear the ambulances and the fire engines and all the cops and it kicked in,” explained Devin Wood, who played the drunk driver in today’s mock crash. “It was so frightening because through the scenario, you can really put yourself into it."

Emotions were high Friday morning both for the students participating and the crowd watching.

Clinton County Sheriff's Office makes over 500 drunk driving arrests every year.

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