Workers in VT May Not Be Happy With Their Jobs

If you live in Vermont, you might not be happy with your job.

A recent Gallup poll revealed Vermont is among the top ten states in the country where employees are actively disengaged from their jobs.

The poll shows nearly 20% of workers in Vermont are just going through the motions at work.

The report says those who are disengaged from work are more likely to perform poorly and steal from the company!

But if you are stuck in a rut at work, experts say, don't wait and be proactive to land your dream job

"How they can grow in their job? If there's any room to grow at the company they are at. If not, if your friends and family are saying, hey you need to look into other resources, that's the time to really become proactive," Alison Davis, Westaff Branch Manager, said.

Vermont comes in as the 6th most actively disengaged state.

New York made number 7, trailing Vermont by only one-tenth of 1%.

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