North Hero Cheerleaders-A Cinderella Story

By Kristen Tripodi

Published 02/03 2014 09:35AM

Updated 02/04 2014 09:54AM

NORTH HERO, Vt.- For a group of first through fifth graders at North Hero Elementary hard work and dedication paid off. Just 15 weeks ago the school decided to start up a cheerleading team and at their very first meet they blew their competition right out of the water.

“This was indeed the ultimate Cinderella Story,” said Joe Resteghini, principal at North Hero Elementary.

A story that stars nine young ladies from North Hero. First graders who just three short months ago began cheerleading for the first time.
“It’s really fun and it’s a dangerous sport so you have to be careful,” said Kaylee, a member of the cheerleading team. “And it’s really fun being with your friends,” said Tessa, a member of the cheerleading team.

Their coach, Paige Benedict says last year a few girls were interested in trying cheerleading as a part of an afterschool program.
“And it grew from there. So we've been practicing for about 15 weeks and we competed last weekend for the first time,” said Benedict, the North Hero Eagles Cheerleading head coach. 
Being their very first competition Benedict says no one expected them to place.

“We went in all for fun. And just wanted to show our spirit and how much we enjoy cheerleading,” said Benedict.  “And we ended up placing first in the youth mini division”.
“It went really good and we won a trophy!” said Tessa.

A huge accomplishment for a small school of just 57 students.
“If you were going to compare us to a team in the NFL I’d have to say that we compare favorably to the Seahawks. We came from nowhere and we are ready to dominate,” said Resteghini.
The next stop for the girls is a statewide competition. And they are already learning new tricks perfecting their moves.

“We are practicing on our herky because we are doing another jump,” said Kaylee.
“If we walked away with a win that would be great for North Hero but it’s all about fun. And that’s what I’ve stressed to the girls this week. They are going to hold their heads high and go in and do the best that we can,” said Benedict.

The next competition is at South Burlington High School on Saturday.
And the girls are pumped and ready to go.

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