Northfield Police Get Two More Speed Radars, Hope Drivers Will Slow Down

NORTHFIELD, Vt. - Northfield Police are taking steps to get drivers to slow down.

The department recently acquired two more speed radar signs from Waterbury Police Department.

Northfield had one it got from the Governors Highway Safety Program a few years ago, too.

Officers say they haven't necessarily had more crashes, but they have received more complaints about speed.

Sgt. Brian Hoar says there are often complaints about speed in the Northfield Falls area.

"So people going 50 mph from here to Montpelier, then they come into the Northfield Falls where it's 35 and people might not catch the speed limit change," said Hoar.

The radars don't monitor the data, but Hoar says it's just more of an advisory and visual reminder of what your speed is.

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