NY Lawmakers Back After Gov. Cuomo Calls for Special Session

ALBANY, N.Y. - Lawmakers are back in Albany Wednesday to do some more work.

Just a week after the session ended for the summer, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo decided there is still more work to do.

Cuomo announced that he was calling lawmakers back Tuesday to finish up business that didn’t get done in the regular session. The major thing on the agenda is the vote for mayoral control of schools in New York City. If no agreement can be made, the control of those schools will revert to the Board of Education.

Upstate lawmakers are hoping to also take up the issue of county tax extenders. Just a little while ago the governor sent up the special session bill, which includes mayoral control for another year and a pension fix.

No word yet on the tax extenders. Leaders have just finished up a meeting with Gov. Cuomo.

The Senate Republicans and the Assembly Democrats are conferencing right now.

Both the Senate and the Assembly are set to gavel in at 1 p.m. Lawmakers say the special session could cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars per day.

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